Grow your business language to new heights!

Improve your German for the workplace and learn about business topics to help you work more effectively and make the most of career opportunities.

Develop your Business German skills and boost your career.

  • Course start: Mondays
  • Mondays: 18.30-19.15 CET
  • Course material: included
  • From Level B1
  • 12 weeks - 12 units

From this program, you will…

  • Gain fluency & confidence in using German on a daily basis in speaking and writing
  • Enlarge your vocabulary and increase your reading speed and comprehension
  • Learn the correct usage of German grammar in writing and speaking
  • Enhance your self-esteem, confidence, and organizing ability
  • Make new international friends and develop intercultural awareness

This online business German course will help you develop German language skills needed to be successful in today’s global business environment.

Learn to use German at work with confidence.

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