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Thanks to the EVOLANGUAGE RAPID IMMERSE METHOD you can learn German in a short period of time - Online and in our Schools, choose the way that suits your needs!


We Make Learning German Easy, Quick, And Enjoyable!

In our courses we will show you the way to speed up your German learning in a simple and stress-free way. Developed by linguistic experts, the Evolanguage RAPID IMMERSE METHOD makes learning German as simple as it’s ever been, and presents people of all ages with an innovative, and accessible way of learning.
With our courses, you can create new career opportunities, meet new people, and turn German from an obstacle into a strength point that helps you grow.

After finishing one of our courses you will be able to communicate and become confident in German.

Not sure where to start?

Here are the first steps you could take to start learning German right away


When applying for visa, a job or university position, you most often need a certificate to prove your exact level of German, usually defined by standards CEFR.

We can provide you with the best language training path to be able to take the exam and receive your certificate in a maximum of 3-4 days.