GERMAN FOR VISA: from 3 months

Learn German with Confidence - The German Language Program with Visa Support.

The visa or residence permit for language acquisition is issued for the duration of the language course, spanning a period of 3 to 12 months, and requires a minimum commitment of 18 lessons per week.

Read more about VISA requirements for Germany HERE.

Our PREMIUM Intensive German Course is in high demand, featuring 20 lessons per week and is internationally recognized for visa application purposes


  • Monday-Friday 9.00-12.00
  • Valid for visa applications
  • Course Material included
  • Course start: Mondays
  • 4 weeks = 80 units - 1 whole LEVEL CEFR

📆 If you want to register for one of our courses please ask us for the start date. 

  • 21 Years of Teaching experience.
  • Best Price for 1 Level CEFR. 
  • The EVOLANGUAGE Rapid Immerse Method. 
  • Student-centered classes. 
  • Save Time. 
  • 34.000 satisfied students yearly
    €1.649 €1.940