LIVE online classes with qualified teachers - German for professional nursing communication

This course aids the professional development of nurses, midwives and healthcare professionals who do not have German as their first language, where the ability to communicate effectively with German-speaking patients and colleagues is a key element of their job.
Build medical German terminology, listening & speaking skills required to communicate effectively while providing medical care.


  • Course start: Mondays
  • Monday to Friday: 12:30 - 14:00
  • Course material: included
  • From Level B1

ℹ️ If you want to register for one of our courses please choose your level and the starting date in the calendar.

FULL PROGRAMM: 8 weeks – 80 units 

During our lively and engaging sessions, we teach our students the medical terminology and hospital culture they need to better deal with patients and colleagues. 

The course covers:

  • a wide range of essential care
  • introducing yourself to discussing pain
  • medical terminology
  • pressure area care
  • breathing difficulties
  • patient and staff interactions
  • hospital language & documentation
  • infection control
  • falls and injuries
  • administering medications
  • therapy
  • post-operative & end-of-life care

After completing one of our courses, students not only have more confidence but can directly apply what they have learnt to their job.

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